2 Free Woodworking Projects!

Here are a couple free woodworking projects for your all ages to enjoy.

Woodcraft or woodworking involves fashioning useful and decorative objects out of wood - from birdhouses to complex furniture. All it needs is the right material and tools. It is one of the oldest crafts, and great fun. Here's two great woodcraft ideas:

Free Woodworking Project 1: Make your own Picture Frame

You need

  1. Picture frame moulding, builder's moulding or lumber
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Handsaw
  4. Mitre box
  5. Corner clamps
  6. Wood glue
  7. Wood putty
  8. V-nails
  9. Hammer
  10. Hanging device

Woodworking project 1: What to do

  1. Decide the frame size. Use a mat, and not the picture, as a guide. It is more perfect.
  2. The frame can be made of picture frame moulding (found at art, craft and frame stores), or made from builder's moulding or lumber (that can be obtained from a home improvement store).
  3. Get the exact width of the framing material and multiply it by 8. To this, add the length of each side of the proposed frame. Divide the above sum by 12 (since most wood material is sold in feet). The result is the amount of framing material needed. Take a few inches extra to tide over cutting errors.
  4. For this free woodworking project you'll need 4 pieces of frame moulding or lumber. Ensure that each piece measures the required length of each side plus twice the width of the wood (the extra is needed for the mitred corners).
  5. With a handsaw and a mitre box (this will hold the wood firmly and guide the saw correctly), cut the end of each piece to a 45-degree angle.
  6. Place the cut pieces together to form a frame.
  7. Glue together the four corners and hold in place with corner clamps.
  8. Flip the frame over.
  9. Hammer in 2 V-nails along the seam of each corner - one towards the inside edge of the frame and the other towards the outer edge.
  10. Unclamp and let the frame dry completely. Only then, do any kind of sanding or staining.
  11. Finally, fix on the hanging device.

OK, we getting done with number 1, and free woodworking project #2 is coming soon...


  • Preferably, use picture frame moulding, because it has a readymade groove for glass insertion. In the case of other materials, you'll have to make the grooves with a router.
  • With raw lumber, ensure that the pieces are planed, if needed, before joining.
  • Test-run the mitre box before using it finally.
  • Ensure that the 45-degree corner angles are exact.
  • Fill up any corner gaps with putty.

Here is the second of our free woodworking projects:

Wooden Animal Ornaments

You need
  1. ¼" thick hardboard
  2. Wood cutter
  3. Drill and ¼" drill bit
  4. Barn red acrylic paint
  5. Sandpaper
  6. Dark or rust-coloured thin wire
  7. Pencil

What to do

  1. Print your favorite animal designs. Transfer them onto the wood.
  2. Cut out the animal ornaments.
  3. Drill a small hole at the top of each ornament.
  4. Sand edges for a worn look.
  5. Finish off with acrylic paint.
  6. Cut wire into pieces of 18" each. Insert into ornament hole and twist ends together.

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