3 Crafts For Adults!

Crafts for Adults are just as fun as woodworking ideas and projects and even some metalworking crafts.

Look, crafts don't always have to be for children or decoration. You can use them to make things that you can use all the time. Learn to use craft sticks to make practical and useful crafts. These craft ideas are easy to make and make great gifts. This article will discuss three adult crafts that can be easily made sitting home by following some simple steps.

Crafts for Adults Part 1: Pen & Pencil Holder-


  • Use wood glue to glue 4 craft sticks together. Let it dry. Do the same with 2 more sets of
  • Glue as many craft sticks together that measure the full length of one.
  • Take one of the four stick sets to use as the bottom of the pencil holder. Use the rest to make the sides.
  • Now glue the box to the cup bottom.
  • You can decorate your pencil holder as you like. You can use paint to color it. To top it off, get creative with other things such as rhinestones they will give your pencil holder a dazzling touch.

Crafts for Adults Part 2: Bookmark...


Use wood glue to glue together three craft sticks, side-by-side. You can paint or color your bookmark with permanent markers. Get creative and write quotes on it.

Now drill a hole in the top of the middle and run a ribbon through that hole. There you go, your bookmark is ready.

Crafts for Adults Part 3: Magnetic Frame...

Instructions for this craft for adults...

  • Cut any photo so that it is shorter than a craft stick all around.
  • Place down craft sticks on the picture to make the frame, place the side sticks under the sticks on the top and bottom.
  • In order to hold the frame together, glue the top of the side stick where it crosses the top and bottom sticks.
  • Then place magnetic tape on the back of the frame.
  • You can decorate your frame as you like. Use paint, or buttons

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