5 Cork Crafts For Adults!

cork crafts

Fun cork crafts for adults: The next time you sit down with a relaxing glass of wine, take a closer look at the interesting labels, and especially, the variously designed corks. You may be having some of the last natural real corks in your wine collection - because, they are fast becoming relics, what with vineyards using more of inexpensive, artificial corks.

So, cherish those real corks while they're around and make fun cork crafts like the ones below. One day, they may become collector's items. But meanwhile, use them for some great kitchen d├ęcor - with these super wine cork craft ideas.

Cork Crafts Project 1: Cork Wreaths

You need

  1. About 70 corks (source some from local bartenders or friends)
  2. Grapevine wreath
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Silk plants or other artificial, rough textured greenery, ribbons
  5. Fake grapes

What to do

  • Put a generous amount of glue on the wreath.
  • Fix a cork into place. Before the glue dries, turn the cork so that it reveals the name of the vineyard.
  • Continue the process until the entire wreath is covered with corks.
  • Glue the fake grapes onto the corks, where needed, without hiding the name. Try out some interesting patterns.
  • Now, glue on the ribbon, greenery, etc.

Tip: You can make fake grapes by cutting them out of foam and painting them green or red.

Cork Crafts Project 2: Cork Magnets

You need

  1. Corks
  2. Magnet sheet

What to do

  • Cut off a thin section from the side of a cork to get a thin, flat slice.
  • Cut out a matching piece of self-adhesive magnet sheet.
  • Remove backing and stick it on cork area.

You can now use the cork magnets wherever you want.

Cork Project 3: Cork Knobs & Hangers

You need

  1. Corks
  2. Nuts and bolts
  3. Piece of wood

What to do

  • Turn your wine corks into smart drawer knobs.
  • Drill a small hole through the cork.

Fix it by using a thin bolt with a nut inside the drawer.

Or use them as tea towel and mug hangers.

Put together a row of corks, as above, onto a slim wooden base.Fix corks with base in a suitable place for use.

Cork Project 4: Cork Trivets & Trays

Cork is an effective heat blocker - so it makes superb trivets and trays for hot pots and pans.

You need

  1. Corks
  2. Picture frame with wood backing
  3. Glue

What to do

Glue corks onto picture frame, in rows or any interesting pattern - and you've a great holder and a memorable centerpiece for your next party.

Cork Crafts Project 5: Cork Framed Chalk Board

You need

  1. Corks
  2. Chalkboard
  3. Craft glue
  4. Pushpins, thumbtacks

What to do

  • Get a chalkboard with a flat frame.
  • Place the corks next to each other on the frame.
  • Fix firmly with glue. Use glue on the cork sides and the part that'll attach to the frame - so that the corks are fixed to each other and the frame.
  • With pushpins or thumbtacks, affix stuff to the corks.

This useful board will be just right for notes, reminders, coupons and other family stuff.

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