2 Beading Ideas With Specific Directions!

Beading ideas for kids and adults: If thin you'll find these beading crafts very helpful in your arts and crafts project goals. You might even be able to sell them.

Beading Craft Ideas Project 1: Bead Basket

You need

  1. Silamide, Nymo or any nylon beading thread in size A - for size 6, 8 and 11 seed beads
  2. 00 nylon beading thread for smaller beads
  3. Beading needles - size 11/12 for seed beads
  4. Beading needles - size 13-16 for smaller beads

Beading idea project 1: What to do

  1. Take 54" of beading thread. Insert it in the 11/12 needle. Don't double the thread, or knot.
  2. Leave 4" of thread end clear, and string 18 seed beads.
  3. Make a circle by re-inserting the needle into the first bead that you threaded, and pull tight - to make the first row of the basket.
  4. Thread two new beads onto the long bit of thread resulting from step 3. Loop thread around the nearest bead from the initial 18 beads.
  5. Pull the thread tight. Pull the needle through the next bead.
  6. Thread 1 new bead, and loop it around the bead through which you ran the thread last. Bring it out through next bead.
  7. Thread 2 new beads and loop it around the bead through which you ran the thread last. Bring it out through the next bead.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 alternatively with all the 18 beads - the new beads will stick out atop them.
  9. When done, run the beading thread through these new beads and pull tight to form the second row.
  10. Follow steps 4-9 to make more new rows, until the basket is complete.
  11. Weave any loose leftover thread through the beads in the basket.
  12. Using more beads, close the basket bottom.

Beading Ideas Tip: As you work, grip the 4" short thread end tight (or use a gripping tool), or the beads will loosen.

Basket Handle

  • Double the thread and sew it tight into one side of the basket. Weave the thread up to the basket opening.
  • String 20-24 beads onto the thread.
  • Take the bead row to other side of the basket and sew it tight to form the handle.
  • Keep re-threading the handle until it becomes strong.
  • Sew thread into the middle of the basket. Cut off extra bit. Add more beads for a thicker handle.

Decorate the basket with smaller beads.

Beading Ideas Project 2: Simple Beaded Jewelery

You need

  1. Silver or gold elastic thread
  2. Medium sized beads
  3. Scissors

What to do for this beading project:

  1. Decide the jewellery you want.
  2. Measure and cut approximate length of thread; keep a little thread extra.
  3. Tie a bead at one end of the thread, to stop the other beads from falling.
  4. Thread the other beads. Make small knots on either side of the beads to keep them from falling.
  5. For a bracelet, anklet or ring, tie the ends together when done for a snug fit. For necklaces, make a simple clasp by forming a loop on one end, to slip over bead at other end. Cut off extra thread.

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