2 Back To School Craft Ideas With Step By Step Project Descriptions...

Here we have to back to school craft ideas with specific directions that will get your kids busy as bees!

Project 1: Pressed flower Stationery

Create beautiful stationery and cards from pressed flowers.

You need

  1. Fresh, delicate flowers
  2. Thick book
  3. Good quality paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Tweezers
  7. Coffee filters (optional)

What to do for this back to school craft idea...

  • Pick some delicate flowers and leaves, like California poppies, buttercups, daisies, clover, ferns and pansies; these dry faster and work better than thick-petal flowers and leaves.
  • Press each one between the pages of a thick book like a phone book. .
  • To stop some of the flower colors from staining the pages and to quicken drying, you can press them between flat coffee filters. Leave for a week or two to dry completely.
  • Take out the dry flowers and leaves.
  • Arrange them on the paper in the way you want. Cut off unwanted stems.
  • When you are happy with your arrangement, lift each flower/leaf carefully and apply some glue to the paper below. Put them back.
  • Gently use tweezers to lift and position them, or take some help.
  • Let them dry completely.

Your stationery is ready for this wonderful back to school craft idea.

Project 2: Pop-up Frog Card

Surprise your friends with a Pop-up Frog Card on the school reopening day.

Here is the second of two back to school craft ideas for children:

You need...

  1. Construction paper (2 different colors)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Markers or crayons

What to do for this back to school craft idea:

  • Fold two rectangular pieces of construction paper; one will form the outer card and the other one will be the inner card.
  • On the lower fold of one card, cut a straight line perpendicular to the fold, but not reaching it. Fold the paper down on either side of the cut.
  • On the upper fold, cut a perpendicular, short, straight line - but not all the way to the fold. Fold down the paper on either side of the cut.
  • Open the card by flipping open the folds.
  • Carefully "pop" the frog's eyes and mouth on the upper fold. Apply pressure gently to make them bulge towards the inside of the card.
  • On the left side of the eyes and mouth draw half of frog head, and below it half body, leg and foot. Cut along the drawing.
  • Fold the card to the right and, using the already cut half-frog body outline, cut the other frog half.
  • Glue the outer card to the back of your frog card.
  • Now, decorate your frog with crayons- give it eyeballs, bright skin, stripes. Even give it a long colorful tongue - but, ensure that it fits inside, when the card is folded. This will make the frog pop out when the card is opened by your unsuspecting friend.

Here is the third of three back to school craft ideas!

Back To School Craft Ideas and Project 3: Scary Pop-up Spider Card

Another surprise cared for the reopening day is the Pop-up Spider Card. The material need to make this card is the same as that for the Pop-up Frog Card.

What to do for this back to school craft project...

  • Use construction paper of two different colors. A good combination is black and orange.
  • Then, follow the same steps as for the frog card - except that the spider's body will have four long legs.
  • To make your spider scary, give it eyeballs, a very hairy body and legs, bright stripes, even two big, pointed teeth.

Finish off both cards with fun messages and now you have completed three lovely back to school craft projects for children!

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