3 4th Of July Crafts!

Craft Ideas for the 4th of July!

These three 4th of July Crafts are going to put a bang back into your Star Spangled Banner !

This 4th of July celebrate with the vibrant the red, white, and blue colors by creating your own crafts at home. Decorate your home with household items and less costly craft items. Easily make your own patriotic pom poms, star spangled wavers and craft stick flags by following simple instructions given below.

4th of July Crafts 1: Patriotic Pom Poms.

  1. Take 5 red and white plastic bags (or tissues) and line them up in a stack. With the help of a stapler, staple the bottom of the stack a couple of times. Just fold two red, two white, and two blue tissues in half, align them and staple the bottom.
  2. Cut the other end of the bags into three-forth inch wide fringe. Make sure stop about one inch from the stapled area.
  3. Next you can use either a wooden dowel, tongue depressor, or stick. Cover it with blue painters tape. Then tape it to the bags to make a handle. Take the stapled end of the bags and wrap it around the handle.
  4. Wrap blue tape around the end a few times.
  5. Now lets begin more 4th of July crafts that will make you smile and keep busy as bee!

4th of July Crafts 2: Star-Spangled Wavers.


  1. Take red felt and cut two stars six inches in length from each tip. Cut blue and white felt in four inch stars
  2. Take the blue stars and glue them onto the center of the red stars.
  3. Then glue the white stars to right in the middle of the red stars and let the glue dry.
  4. Next take a narrow wooden dowel and glue it between the 2 stars. Align all the edges of the stars before you start gluing.
  5. Then take white, red, and blue color ribbon as streamers. Tie them to the dowel placed underneath the star.

On to yet another one of our aweseom 4th of July crafts!

4th of July Crafts 3: Craft Stick Flags:


Start by painting 5 craft sticks with red paint. Let the paint dry, and then paint the other side. Paint 4 sticks with white paint the same way. Line them up, red then white and so on.

Then take 3 craft sticks and glue them vertically onto the red and white sticks. Cut the two craft sticks so that they are the same height as the red and white sticks. Glue to the flag's left edge. Do the same in the middle.

Then glue a craft stick (full length) to the flag's right edge. This will make the handle.

Then take blue cornstarch paper and cut it into a very small square. You can either draw white stars, or use white star stickers. Use either one to glue to the blue square. Let the glue dry. Then turn the flag over and glue the blue square with the white stars to it.

Now glue a craft stick to the long craft stick. Adding length to the handle. To top off your flag wrap the handle with blue painter's tape.

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