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Arts And Crafts Secrets!, Issue #1 -- Top Articles
September 21, 2005
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It's been a long time coming...this newsletter that is. Sorry for the

We have been very busy with business and other important family matters, but now we are ready to start sending you tips and tricks for your craft projects. And you can use the tips for just plain ol' fun, to keep the kids busy, or make even make a profit!

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Here is a list of our tip 5 most popular articles
(If the links are not active, copy and paste the url into your browser.):

Martha Stewart Crafts

Halloween Crafts

Wood Craft Ideas

Kids Crafts

Christmas Craft Ideas

Our Newest Articles
(You must read these articles if you have or take care of children):

Keep Kids Busy!

Kids Party Theme

Our Least Popular Articles?

We found that our most popular articles above are not popular just because the subjects are the ones you are most interested in. We found they are the most popular because they are easier to find, and they are tied to the season. So here is a list of three articles that are the least 'popular', but contain great tips and advice that you can use in your craft projects. They are probably not as popular because they are a bit harder to find...

Origami Crafts

How To Construct A Hand Puppet

Scrapbook Ideas

I'll see you in a couple of weeks!


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